Phap Luan Cong Viet Nam - An Overview

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Wild capture fisheries Engage in The key job in supporting livelihoods. Wild capture fisheries are largely open up access fisheries, which weak rural people can access for food stuff and profits.

Right Effort and hard work (Pāli: sammā-vāyāma; Sanskrit: samyag-vyāyāma; 正精進 Cn: zhèngjīngjìn; Vi: chính tinh tiến)

That is also the point of confluence involving the Ruak River (which follows the Thai–Myanmar border) and the Mekong. The realm of the tripoint is typically termed the Golden Triangle, Even though the phrase also refers to the much bigger place of those 3 countries which was notorious as being a drug creating area.

gongan, lit. "community situation", A meditative method developed in the Chán/Seon/Zen traditions, usually consisting of a difficulty that defies Remedy through rational believed; see koan

In the course of this degenerate age, chaos will prevail along with the people today will be struggling to achieve enlightenment from the phrase of Sakyamuni Buddha. See the Three durations

dhammavinaya The dharma and vinaya (approximately "doctrine and willpower") regarded alongside one another. This expression basically usually means The entire teachings of Buddhism as taught to monks

mahamudra A the original source method of direct introduction the idea of sunyata, of samsara and the two are inseparable

dhamma/dharma Typically refers to the doctrines and teachings of your religion, but it surely can have broader works by using. Also, it is a vital specialized phrase which means a little something like "phenomenological constituent.

In Yunnan Province in China, the river and its tributaries are confined by narrow, deep gorges. The tributary river devices With this Element of the basin are smaller. Only fourteen have catchment parts that exceed 1,000 km2 (390 sq mi), nonetheless the greatest number of lack of forest deal with in your entire river method for every square kilometer has transpired in this area these details due to weighty unchecked demand from customers for purely natural sources.

In 1996 China and Myanmar grew to become "dialogue partners" in the MRC along with the 6 international locations now perform together inside of a cooperative framework.

kensho In Zen, enlightenment; has a similar this means as satōri, but is customary useful for an Preliminary awakening knowledge

Get to 6: Phnom Penh into the South China Sea. view it In this article the mainstream divides into a complex and significantly controlled and artificial system of branches and canals. Important options of movement conduct are tidal influences and salt h2o intrusion.

The extreme seasonal versions in move plus the existence of rapids and waterfalls in the Mekong make navigation hard. However, the river is An important trade route among western China and Southeast Asia.

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